(c) Ms. Karen Dinglasan

Hello everybody!

I guess my title says it all.  With very, very little wordpress knowledge, i forged on to make this site.  ILOILO FOOD ADVENTURES (IFA) is my blog focused on the heritage food and culture of Iloilo, Philippines.  In addition, IFA is the venue where serious foodies from outside our country can check out exciting and well-crafted food and culture experiences. My main site, is just around the corner waiting to be revived.

I have always been in love with the food and culture of my home province and city–Iloilo.  That picture above by Karen Dinglasan (one of my pioneer Iloilo food tour guests), is of PULOT — a gooey, deliciously sweet yet organic dessert from Iloilo.

Pulot is made of muscovado sugar cooked with coconut milk to this thickened consistency.  Pulot is made in a central town of Iloilo called Maasin and peddled by just a few vendors at the Villa Beach where the popular seafood restaurants of Breakthrough and Tatoy’s are located.

Check out the creative container.  Its made of bamboo and is covered with a dried banana leaf square secured with an abaca twine.