IMG_9539If you are in your 40s up, I hope this picture brings a smile to your face.

The younger generation calls the peanut-milk candy as “Barnuts” (for the brand that seems to have overtaken our Choc-Nut).  In my opinion, Choc-Nut is still the best.  The rest tend to be sticky and oily, unlike the pioneer which breaks like polvoron and has a light, yummy taste to it. Do you remember that the old Choc-Nut was smaller than this and had two wrappers? One was the silver-colored foil(?) that protected the bar followed by the paper label that wrapped around it.

How did you eat your Choc-Nut? I remember that it was such a joy, a ritual of sorts to slide off the silver-wrapped slim bar from its label.  I would carefully open it, then break off a tiny portion to savor.  At other times, I would “mash” the Choc-Nut on its wrapper and pick up a small part (i was always trying to “extend” its life)…I would pick up a small part of this  “polvorony” stuff with my thumb and index finger and bring it to my mouth.

These days, not all supermarkets carry Choc-Nut.  Once, I saw it on the shelf at Robinson’s Supermarket at GT Mall and broke into a grin.

Ahh, life’s simple pleasures.

I just searched the internet regarding Choc-Nut and this is what I learned. New Unity Sweets Manufacturing Corporation (Unisman) of Malabon may no longer be the owner.  It seems like the competitor Annie’s Sweet Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation in Imus, Cavite, the one who makes Hany’s may have acquired Unisman.  Sad 😦 .  Have you noticed? The Choc-Nut these days (if you’re lucky to buy one) doesn’t taste exactly like our childhood Choc-Nuts?

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