Hi. My name is Joy.  I just love the heritage of Iloilo, my home.

Almost a decade ago, I started a blog called iloveiloilo.wordpress.com that moved to iloveiloilo.com  but  went on hibernation for a number of years.  This contained my posts on  heritage matters in Iloilo, ranging from colonial architecture to folk art to musings to food.  Around last year or so, I resumed posting.  Thanks to the help of my dear friend  Regine Garcia who made the site visually appealing.  With my crazy life, however, posting to this blog was erratic.  Instead I found myself posting more in Facebook and in Instagram.

I love to take food-related photos (but still got a lot to learn) and write about these edible creations.  I am drawn towards our unsung food artisans, regular people whose passion for creating food is admirable.  At times, I also feature my own kitchen creations. Yes, I love to cook as well, by passion and obligation–as i try to juggle my various hats as wife, mother, hobby cook, foodie, blogger, university professor, cultural researcher and heritage interpreter.

Iloilo Food Adventures has been created to really focus on heritage food and culture in Iloilo.  Aside from the blog feature, this site contains information for serious foodies from elsewhere who are interested in exploring our place through a well-crafted food experience. jrs profile pic