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Ilonggo Chicken Inasal — Bacolod-style

Note:  Good day everyone.  We are on an Inasal roll! Two days ago, I reposted Ilonggo style chicken Inasal.  This time, here’s about the Bacolod-style , complete with recipe.
Having spent my childhood in Bacolod, my food memories include meals of homemade chicken inasal or dinner dates with my father at Bacolod Chicken House,

The clear difference between the dominant inasal flavor in Iloilo (as epitomized by the phenomenal Mang Inasal) is that of being really sweet unlike the Bacolod-style which has a merry mix of sweet and sour.  There had to be the calamansi (Philippine lemon) or maybe coconut vinegar and the sprite or 7-up.
For a little history, let me quote Avril Gamboa who wrote about her Bacolod inasal memories way back in 2003. Continue reading “Ilonggo Chicken Inasal — Bacolod-style”


Chicken Inasal__Iloilo style vs. Bacolod style

Note:  Hi friends. Continue reading and get to know your inasal preference.  There’s also a recipe at the bottom. This is one of my early posts eight years ago at my old blog,   I am reblogging it here.  Enjoy!

I promised a reader I’d post a recipe of an Ilonggo icon —INASAL NGA MANOK  or chicken barbeque.  But having lived in Bacolod for more than ten years (was born there, so am Negrense as well) before finally settling in Iloilo, I have come to discover a difference between the timplada (flavor/taste) between the two inasal. Continue reading “Chicken Inasal__Iloilo style vs. Bacolod style”

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