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imageHalo-Halo party, perfect for the very hot Iloilo summer…





Victoria Moncal, tsokolate maker in Miagao



Meet Nanay Victoria Moncal, tsokolate maker of Barangay Tabunakan, Miagao, Iloilo.

At 71, Nanay Vic continues to make tsokolate, truly a labor of love. In her spartan kitchen, she slowly roasts these Miagao cacao beans over firewood after which she peels the outer skin of these cacao nibs one by one. As if this tedious job is not enough, she must separate the hull from the seeds using a kararaw. Tahup we say.

Then Nanay Vic must have these cacao beans ground. Thank God, there is an electric grinder in her barangay. She then mixes the cocoa paste with muscovado sugar which she first turns extra fine on her metate, a heavy stone slab and pestle.

Now, it’s ready for molding using her metal sulputan to make those organic cocoa tablets that can be eaten raw as an energy booster or cooked in a little water to create that heavenly chocolate drink far more superior than any Milo, Goya, Swiss Miss or Hershey drink in a pack.

All this hard work for 35.00 per roll.

Let us support local food purveyors like Nanay Vic.imageimageimageimage

Kids of the 70s and 80s, care to share your Choc-Nut memories?

IMG_9539If you are in your 40s up, I hope this picture brings a smile to your face.

The younger generation calls the peanut-milk candy as “Barnuts” (for the brand that seems to have overtaken our Choc-Nut).  In my opinion, Choc-Nut is still the best.  The rest tend to be sticky and oily, unlike the pioneer which breaks like polvoron and has a light, yummy taste to it. Do you remember that the old Choc-Nut was smaller than this and had two wrappers? One was the silver-colored foil(?) that protected the bar followed by the paper label that wrapped around it.

How did you eat your Choc-Nut? Continue reading “Kids of the 70s and 80s, care to share your Choc-Nut memories?”

Hooray! Iloilo Food Adventures is born


(c) Ms. Karen Dinglasan

Hello everybody!

I guess my title says it all.  With very, very little wordpress knowledge, i forged on to make this site.  ILOILO FOOD ADVENTURES (IFA) is my blog focused on the heritage food and culture of Iloilo, Philippines.  In addition, IFA is the venue where serious foodies from outside our country can check out exciting and well-crafted food and culture experiences. Continue reading “Hooray! Iloilo Food Adventures is born”

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