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Recipe: Utan nga Tambo (Bamboo shoots in coconut milk)

This is a classic dish in Western Visayas, Philippines with bamboo shoots and coconut milk as the core ingredients, then enhanced with subak (the ingredient that gives added flavor, always from the sea–shrimp paste, dried shrimps, fresh shrimps, and crabs for the ultimate subak).  Additional vegetables like okra, squash, takway (taro runners), and saluyut, depending on availability. Continue reading “Recipe: Utan nga Tambo (Bamboo shoots in coconut milk)”


Pechay/Bok Choy Two Ways (with recipe) – for the working mom


Good evening.  This was our dinner some two hours ago– pechay and shrimps in oyster sauce.

And this one, inspired by a dish at Miagao’s Sulo restaurant (lovely landscaping)


Blanched pechay with garlic sautéed in olive oil Continue reading “Pechay/Bok Choy Two Ways (with recipe) – for the working mom”

Samplers of Aklanon/Akeanon food hint at healthy

Aklan dishes

Hi friends.  Above is a bowl of tambo nga may gata (bamboo shoots in coconut milk) and monggo soup (mung bean) from a market carinderia (eatery) in Banga, Aklan.

Aklan, being one of the four provinces in the island of Panay, shares affinity with its sister provinces — Iloilo, Capiz and Antique.  Their heritage food is a product of the land, a land naturally growing with bamboo and coconuts, a land suited to monggo, squash, okra, string beans and more.

Moreover, these four provinces in Panay each have a section of its land facing the coast.  Thus, they are all blessed with an abundance of seafood–big fish, small fish,  crustaceans and  shellfish, deep-sea, riverine and brackish — it’s all here in Panay.

Thus, the traditional food repertoire of Panay is nothing but healthy.

Take the case of tambo nga may gata ,  paleo food at its best.  The coconut is a wonder fruit.  You can google its benefits and be amazed at what they can do for optimized health.  For one, it’s good for brain function.  It also protects the heart from the the dreaded heart disease. Three, it’s a good slimming food (I should remember that!) and many more other benefits.  Bamboo shoots, on the other hand, is also another superfood, high in fiber but low on calories.  If its good for the panda, its good for us too. 🙂

Monggo is another classic Panayanon dish.  Have monggo and whip up a meal to feed ten or more.  Monggo is the base ingredient, boiled till soft.  To it are added vegetables from the garden or pantry, whatever is on hand, and the sea always accenting this dish–from the most humble guinamos or shrimp paste to the ultimate crabs as the subak or flavoring.

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